The Mayor says …

Faversham Times, 28 March: in his column on p23, Faversham Mayor David Simmons says “the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan is a work in progress. If you have any views or comments, we would like to hear them, so please get in touch with the town clerk, Jackie Westlake, at or call 01795 504443. You will be taking part in a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future of Faversham Creek. Put pen to paper, email or call. Come along and get involved.”

So  come on folks, you heard it from the Mayor, get writing!


One thought on “The Mayor says …

  1. Jill holder

    Mr Simmons,
    For years and years we, the people of Faversham have been fighting one speculator after another each time one of them buys up land or property in and around our town. The Creek, Abbey Farm, the beautiful medieval buildings, it’s other old industrial sites,and the very setting of this historic place are what make it special. There are those of us who care about it very much. We do not seem to be a huge group -that is because not many people have the time or other neccessary resources to devote to a struggle that does not end with each application.
    I would like to see a survey of these treasures, with public input. (and I do not mean by that some expensive affair that only sets out to tell us what we can’t have). I would like this to be a proactive, sensitive study, that identifies, defines, and delineates these areas. It might be led by an elected committee consisting of people who have proved themselves to be concerned about
    the loss of these treasures and who wish to conserve them. Having defined these areas,it would work to secure them against harmful speculation, by whatever means necessary including compulsory purchase. The very knowledge that such action could be taken should be sufficient to ward off such bids.

    I had hoped that the neighbourhood plan might have been helpful, but I am not at all sure that, on this subject it will be.

    I have one more thing to say on this. In my opinion, Swale does not own this town, nor does it
    understand it. This must be for the town, by the town and of the town.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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