Neighbourhood Plan exhibition to be held on 8 June

The Neighbourhood Plan exhibition for public consultation will be on 8 June.

According to the minutes of the steering group meeting on 14 March, this will “probably be the last time for options to be presented to the public for their comments”.

An artist has been commissioned to produce a set of master plan perspectives: a view of the inner basin from the bridge; a view of the creek from Crab Island back to the bridge; a view from Waterside looking up the creek, taking in Standard Quay, the oil depot and the former coach depot.

In addition there will be thumbnail sketches of Standard House, Swan Quay from across the creek, and the bridge. At least one of the master plans will include a sketch of an open bridge.

For Ordnance Wharf there will be four sketches showing different structural designs (two different heights and two different sets of materials).

The steering group says the drawings will not define usage but provide an understanding and overall impression of development on the creek.

This is a bit confusing.

It was noted at a meeting of the Faversham Creek Consortium on 15 November 2012 (in relation to earlier sketches for flats on Ordnance Wharf) that “It would be important to remember that the Plan would not specify design … the issues would revolve mainly around the use or uses of the site” – and thus, in terms of the Neighbourhood Plan, it was irrelevant whether people liked or disliked the appearance of development proposals.

If this is correct, and the Plan is about usage and not appearance – why is this consultation to be based on appearance and not usage?

Please, could someone from the steering group clarify?


2 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Plan exhibition to be held on 8 June

  1. Jill Holder

    I am not at all happy that the main point of the meeting scheduled for 8th June is in order that options may be presented to me. This is not how a consultation works.You are supposed to ask me first what I would like to see and then try to do that – if enough others would like the same thing, and it seems to me that they do. I have already been to one meeting where I was shown a room full of speculators’ plans and asked to choose the ones I wanted. I did not want any of them, nor had I asked for any of them, I did not think that they would improve or in any way enhance my town, I thought that thye would mostly damage it. My opinion was not listened to – I was just argued with vociferously and told that I had NO choice. It was obvious to me and to everyone else that the only people who had been asked what they wanted were the landowners and of course they want to build houses to add to their wealth. Did it never occur to anyone on the Steering Committee that they had the power to ensure that MY town developed in a properly sustainable way, retaining its individuality, its work places, to protect it from harmful development by those very people they had chosen to listen to instead of me? And that, just maybe, that was their job?

    As a young girl my teen-magazines used to run daft articles which included little questionaires. The subject might be ‘How good a friend are you?’ or ‘Are you good to go out shopping with?’
    There would be choices a,b or c and then you would add up your score to find the answer to the question. My friends and I always had a real problem with these – we wanted d or even f. Had the editor asked us first about how to properly set up the quiz we would have been able to help improve the end results, but as it was, they rarely predicted or answered correctly. The Creek Consortium has done just this. They are trying to work from the top down and not from the bottom up. Everyone knows that the GROUNDSWELL of opinion is going to be the biggest and the few trying to force the many is not democracy.

  2. Mike Palmer

    As I understand it the main point of the exhibition currently scheduled for 8th June is to present ‘options’, so that people may comment on what is being considered.

    In view of the vociferous expressions of concern that people feel that they do not know what is going on, it seems to me that a one day event is totally inadequate for this purpose.

    Perhaps it is a good moment for the powers that be to demonstrate that they have understood these criticisms by extending the exhibition for at least a week? And to make it clear how the feedback received is to be collated and published.

    How about it?


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