Move forward, Standard Quay?

Faversham Times, 2 May: Simon Latham, agent for landowner/developer Michael White, speaking in defence of the planning application for a restaurant at Standard Quay, is reported as saying: “The  history of this building and Standard Quay will not be diminished by this change of use. History is history. But this change of use is part of our future planning and a good thing for Faversham and the building.”

Faversham News, May 2: Creek resident Matt Williams is reported as saying: “I am for creekside development in a sensible way and I think including a restaurant in that is pretty sensible. I think trying to harp back to past time just is not going to work.” In a video interview he says: “Looking back to old industries, the hope that they may come back, if indeed they exist at all, is probably not the way forward.”

This and other video comments on


2 thoughts on “Move forward, Standard Quay?

  1. The Quay

    Does anyone know if Mr Williams by any chance moors his houseboat on part of the creekside owned by the developer trying to turn the maritime shed into a restaurant? Only he doesn’t say in the video clip…

    1. Sue Cooper

      Quite possibly he does, but I don’t say where i live on my interview so, although he does say he lives on the water, he has a perfect right not to say where I think. But I do think it’s important now to look at what kind of boats are on the Quay. I believe that it is allowable to live on a working boat on the Creek in order to maintain it and to secure it. I am not sure there are permissions for actual houseboats as such. Not on a working waterway. The danger is that if there are more houseboats the existing working vessel owners and caretaker crews may find it harder to occupy their vessels in the low key and sympathetic way they do now. A proliferation of static houseboats will bring with it very unwelcome official examination. Standard Quay or anywhere on the narrow Faversham Creek working waterway is not the place for static houseboats.


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