Poor response to free forum

Faversham News, 2 May, p16:  Editorial comment on the KCC elections: “It has often been said that you can’t complain about politicians if you don’t bother to go out and vote to change things. But it’s the politicians themselves that have been accused of apathy in recent weeks, with many failing to respond to Gazette questions on issues proving divisive for our readers [examples quoted are the Westgate Towers in Canterbury and the Neighbourhood Plan in Faversham].

“Given we were offering candidates a free forum to get their messages out to the public,” says the paper, “we received a surprisingly poor response.”


2 thoughts on “Poor response to free forum

  1. Visions of a Creek Post author

    Same here. All the town and borough councillors have been invited to join in the conversations on this site. They have the opportunity to answer questions, provide information and put across their point of view, but the response has been underwhelming. It gives the impression that they are only willing to engage with the public on their own terms.

    1. Hilary Whelan

      In the minutes of the meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group on 4 April – http://www.faversham.org/upload/docs/NP%204April2013.pdf – it is noted that “Members were interested in the different websites being publicised.” [I assume that includes this one.] “It was agreed they could be helpful information conduits and should be used to update readers on progress or to pose questions.” But that doesn’t seem to be happening – and yet again, the mindset is “tell and sell”. There is no mention of listening, engaging, taking ideas on board …


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