Speculators are not developers

In a letter published in both the Faversham Times and the Faversham News, May 9, local resident Jill Holder picks up a comment by a member of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group, that the group is bound to take account of a developer’s right to develop their property. She argues that someone buying land for which planning consent has not been granted does not thereby become a developer or acquire rights to develop: a person who chooses to use their money in this way is a speculator who takes a gamble, and the planning authorities are under no obligation to underwrite the bet.


3 thoughts on “Speculators are not developers

  1. Brian Caffarey

    It’s always been made clear that the focus is on a number of key sites around the Creek. Given that you can’t force landowners to develop their land in ways they don’t want to – a point that seems not to be taken fully on board by a number of those with ‘visions’ for the Creek – it makes sense, I would have thought, to enter into discussions with them. It’s facile to say that this means that the Neighbourhood Plan is ‘developer-led’.

    I don’t think anyone thinks for a minute that a landowner has an inalienable right to develop their land.

  2. Chris Berry & Hilary Whelan

    It should be noted that developers don’t have a god-given right to develop, whether they’re speculators or not. The purpose of planning is to decide whether it’s in the public interest for them to be given the right, not to tailor decisions to their demands.

    We are landowners within the footprint of the Neighbourhood Plan (albeit in rather a small way) but no-one has invited us to a stakeholder meeting to find out what we want to do with our property. And when we put in our application to build a block of flats in our garden and turn the house (grade 2 listed and, according to the recently published list, an undesignated heritage asset) into a lapdancing club, I can just imagine what sort of response we’ll get – and quite rightly so! Yet other landowners are being allowed to call the tune.


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