Your chance to have say on creek plans

Faversham Times, May 9, p4: The Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan steering group explains what the plan is and what it can do for the creek. There is information on the forthcoming illustrations exhibition and advice on how to get involved. There is also a “fact file” with information about the steering group members.


3 thoughts on “Your chance to have say on creek plans

  1. Brian Caffarey

    Visitors come to Faversham for lots of reasons. Many probably don’t even get as far as the Creek. I’ve spoken to a number of people who’ve visited the town and didn’t make it to the end of Abbey Street or venture down to the bridge. I would guess that the ‘built environment’ of the market town is a much bigger attraction at present – that’s not to say, of course, that the Creek couldn’t play a much bigger part as a tourist attraction. A Creek-side path would be a good start!

    1. Hilary Whelan

      Just guessing here, but could this be connected with the lack of any signs or information about the creek in the town centre? From what I’ve heard, rather a lot of people think that may have something to do with it. Signposting was something people asked for at the very first meeting of the Creek Consortium in 2006 – an easy “quick win” to show that something was happening with the creek. Well, we can all see how that turned out. And there’s not much point in a creekside path if there aren’t any signposts and all you get to do is walk past other people’s houses and look at some mud.

  2. Kay Cartwright

    Visitors to Faversham come to look at the Creek, the barges and the waterside activities. Residents recognise the value of our unusual maritime heritage. We already have more than enough eating places and expensive waterside properties in our attractive, historic market town. We have an opportunity in 2013 to value what we have in Faversham and to guard it for the future.


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