Michael White is appealing

Standard Quay owner Michael White will appeal against Swale Borough Council’s refusal of his planning application for a restaurant, according to reports in the Faversham News and the Faversham Times (16 May). He accuses the Faversham Creek Trust of “whipping up feelings” and “intimidating councillors”, but believes that he will win on appeal, when the decision will be “back in the hands of professionals”, and says that his restaurant will “breathe new life into Faversham”. According to the Faversham News, he laughed off the very idea of compulsory purchase. He also denies that the development will have any effect on the Neighbourhood Plan.


3 thoughts on “Michael White is appealing

  1. Jane potter

    Seems to me that Mr White’s plans for Standard Quay are of the same historical significance to the destruction of Faversham Abbey on the orders of Henry V111 and Thomas Cromwell.

    What he fails to understand is the people of Faversham would like to preserve their history not destroy it. Our generation has a duty to pass on the town’s history to the next generation.

  2. Harold Goodwin

    Michael White is anti-democratic
    Michael White objects to the democratic parts of the planning process. It is insulting to suggest that the Faversham Town Councillors and members of the Swale Borough Council Planning Committee were intimidated. It is their responsibility as democratically representatives to exercise their best judgement in the interests of Faversham and that is what they did – they have won widespread respect for their stand in the face of threats by the developed to appeal and then sue for costs. The “professionals” caved in, the councillors stood up for Faversham and its heritage.

    As I understand the history Michael White purchased the land without planning consent, speculating that he would get planning consent. Democracy has, so far, frustrated his plans. Now we have to hope that the professionals do a better job of preparing Swale’s case for the planning inspector than they did in briefing councillors on the planning committee.

    1. Hilary Whelan

      I’m curious as to how Mr White can be confident that his restaurant development won’t affect the Neighbourhood Plan. The plan hasn’t yet been consulted on, drawn up or published, so he can’t possibly know what it’s going to say – can he?


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