3 thoughts on “The Faversham Society

  1. James Gourley

    No one who has lived in Faversham for more than five minutes can fail to know that Mr Percival’s breadth of knowledge about the town and its history is simply without parallel, and he deserves and has earned the respect of anyone who lives here and cares about the town. So can he answer a simple series of questions which he does not address in this video? Did the Society poll its members about the creek proposal? If so, what was the result? If not, why not? Does it ever poll the whole membership on an issue, rather than just leaving it to one committee to speak in its name? If so, on what matters has it done so?

    1. Visions of a Creek Post author

      Arthur Percival has sent us this response:
      “I didn’t respond to these questions in the clip because I wasn’t asked them. I suggest you ask them of the Chairman of the Faversham Society, Jenny Parry, whose email address I can give you if you like. Contact me via ticfaversham@btconnect.com, marking your email for my attention.”


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