Faversham Society out of touch?

Posted by: James Gourley

Has anyone else seen the current edition of the Faversham Society Newsletter? If so, were they as dumbfounded as I was? There is Not. One. Word. about the creek restaurant bid – not even the fact that it was turned down, and not a breath of explanation of why our lordly officers decided not to oppose it without polling their members. Oh, yes, we have vital information about the Secret Gardens, about a member’s visit to the Danube, about an RGS walk, about family history research, and what’s happening at the museum, etc, etc, etc. But nothing at all about something that is probably of ten times as much interest to most members. This smug and cosy complacency is only outdone by the implied contempt for those who finance the society. Why on earth do we pay our subscriptions so that these people can live in a world of their own?

5 thoughts on “Faversham Society out of touch?

  1. Brian Caffarey

    Glad to see that Arthur Percival has given the obvious explanation. A pity that others simply saw an opportunity to jump on the ”anti’ bandwagon.

  2. Griselda Mussett

    I’d also like to point out that we had magnificent assistance and guidance from Arthur Percival.

  3. Griselda Mussett

    I sent a letter to the editor about this so I hope that may be included in the next edition.

  4. Arthur Percival

    The Standard Quay restaurant decision wasn’t reported in the May Faversham Society Newsletter because it hadn’t been reached when the issue went to press.

  5. Harold Goodwin

    I have not seen it, but I am not surprised. The Faversham Society had a good reputation but under its current leadership seems to have lost all direction.
    I am grateful to the Society for what it did in the past. But it has totally failed over the creek. The members need to rebel and change the officers.


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