Creek campaigns keep up pressure

The Faversham News (May30) reports that there are at least six different groups (including Visions of a Creek) concerned about the future of the creek, and asks if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Griselda Mussett is quoted as saying: “There is a possibility that lots of different groups will confuse people, but until there is a sign from the authorities that they are listening then they [the groups] may proliferate.”


2 thoughts on “Creek campaigns keep up pressure

  1. Jill Holder

    At least ,with so many groups forming, Mr Cosgrove can no longer say that we are just a small group of troublemakers, as he was caught on film saying.

  2. Robert Telford

    The idea that we should resurrect the Friends of Faversham Creek or create more groups representing the Creek right now is misguided, divisive and possibly only to the benefit of those who have a significantly different view, and will further confuse people who will walk away from the issues if they feel that there is a mess of different interests competing for their support; FCT has had this problem for two years and has attempted to overcome it by attracting a significant proper membership, and trying to use that membership actively, so that people can see that it is not just a small clique promulgating their narrow views.
    What we desperately need now is a consolidation of representation; strength and credibility will lie in numbers, if not we will all lose by division; that is assuming that we all have roughly the same aims, let us say as represented by AAP2.
    If Faversham Creek Trust is failing to reflect sufficient views, then say so and they can be assimilated and reflected in its ‘manifesto’. Of course it cannot be all things to all people, but it has become a focal point; right now people do not need a diversion. If we want the Neighbourhood Plan to the be the right Plan, then now is not the right time to dilute the effort.


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