FavSoc fights back

In a letter to the Faversham Times (May 30), chairman Jenny Parry defends the Faversham Society against recent criticism over its response to the Standard Quay restaurant application. She says the society’s planning committee makes recommendations on planning applications “only on the basis of the relevant law and regulations, as would Swale Borough Council’s planning department.” In that case, asks FavSoc member Harold Goodwin, in a letter to the Faversham News, “either the society thinks the Swale planners are incompetent, or the committee’s work is pointless. Which is it?”

2 thoughts on “FavSoc fights back

  1. Brian Caffarey

    This is a false antithesis. What the Society can do is to bring local knowledge and concerns to bear but, perfectly sensibly, putting them in the context of planning law, so that there is much more chance that the comments will have some influence on the decisions made.

  2. Robert Telford

    I totally agree with Harold; what is the point of duplicating Swale’s Planners’ function. When was the last time that the Society’s planning committee rejected something, presented a case to the Town Council or Swale, and caused the application to be modified or rejected, to uphold the Society’s mandate to protect the town, from a bad proposal, be it to a single house or a large development. How often does that happen. Or is it afraid to put its head above the parapet now. Or has it lost its vision?


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