Visions in West Faversham

The Visions of a Creek film will be shown again at the West Faversham Community Centre in Bysing Wood Road, on Friday 7 June at 2pm – free entry, all welcome. Tea and coffee will be available and there will be an opportunity for discussion afterwards. Come and see the film, then go to the “illustrations exhibition” at the Alexander Centre (7 June, 7-9pm and 8 June 10am-4pm) and see how the Neighbourhood Plan is coming along.

2 thoughts on “Visions in West Faversham

  1. Mary Mackay

    I’m interested to see that the film “Visions of a Creek” is being shown today, just prior to the exhibition to further consult the people of Faversham as to their opinions on future developments. As the papers have indicated that there will be feedback forms and questionnaires to complete at this exhibition, I am not sure if the timing of this film which, by all accounts is a negative view of the plan- making process, is appropriate. Lets wait and see!


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