Have you been consulted?

On the eve of the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan “illustrations exhibition”, we have closed our poll asking people whether or not they had been consulted about the plan so far. Of the 96 people who voted, 13 said yes, 82 said no, and there was one “other”.


5 thoughts on “Have you been consulted?

  1. Antony and Marion Hillman

    I feel it is so sad that the Neighbourhood Plan presents so little consideration for marine activity. Faversham’s town crest depicts the three leopards passant, showing the town as an associate member of the Cinque Ports. It is also the crest of England. To justify this we need an active maritime arena – that is, a working creek, with the necessary buildings to supply and maintain Thames barges and other typical vessels. Fancy residential sites a la London Docklands do not belong here!

  2. Alan Wood

    If it wasn’t for Facebook I wouldn’t know about this evenings ‘consultation’. And it’s the first time I’ve heard about an on line element.

    I voted ‘no’ in the poll because I honestly can’t remember receiving anything in the post about it. I’m not saying I didn’t receive anything but if it looked like junk mail, I would have chucked it out without reading it. Was it addressed or was it a leaflet?

    1. Brian Caffarey

      A leaflet about this weekend’s exhibition was posted to every household in the ME13 area. Posters have also been displayed and there has been information in the local papers. Difficult to see what more the Steering Group could have done.

  3. Brian Caffarey

    Did the no’s miss the May 2012 consultation? Let’s hope they make it down to the Alexander Centre this evening or tomorrow or, of course, they’ll be able to take part ‘on line’ for the following three weeks.

    1. Visions of a Creek Post author

      Very possibly. 94% of the electorate missed the May 2012 exhibition. Many of those who did go, and gave detailed comments, got no feedback on what had been done with their comments and how they had been incorporated into the development of the plan, and have said they didn’t consider that they’d been genuinely consulted. Consultation isn’t just asking people what they think; it’s listening to what they say and doing something about it.


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