Why does the Neighbourhood Plan ignore AAP2?

from: Sue Cooper
I am deeply confused. I keep hearing that we have to have this Neighbourhood Plan to protect the Creek against unbridled development and yet I cannot imagine development more unbridled than what is presented in the Neighbourhood Plan.Surely housing on every available site qualifies as unbridled development?

What is the worst case scenario supposed to contain? 1960s tower blocks? Multi storey car parks?

I may be lacking in imagination but surely what this plan presents is the likely ‘unbridled development’.  Isn’t it supposed to help us defend the spirit and letter of the 2008 policies which specifically state that the Creek has already reached saturation point as regards housing if it is to have any hope of seeing the fledgling revival in maritime activities grow to its full exciting potential?

We keep getting told we have to be scared of the new National Planning Policy Framework, and that the 2008 Plan is now no longer the relevant framework.But from my, admittedly amateur, reading, there is little here to be scared of and every reason to use it to strengthen the protection that Area Action Plan 2 in the 2008 plan gives the creek.
Indeed in December last year, Swale received notice from central government which policies were compatible with the NPPF and could therefore be used as planning policy documents after March 2013. This document listing all the policies and stating if they are compatible was an appendix to a meeting of the LDF panel on 12 December last year.
None of this looks like the basis for panic. In fact, it looks reassuringly as though, if we wished to do so, we could use all the protection of the 2008 plan to fight housing development on the Creek.Why are we not only giving in to development pressure, but actually passing a message that we want to encourage it? I had understood that the Neighbourhood Plan process was taking over from the requirement in the AAP2 that a planning document needed to be produced. My understanding was that this should build on the policies and at least the principles embodied in the action plan rather than, as seems to have happened, wipe out all the principles that AAP2 represents and go against its letter and spirit.

I am very puzzled and hope that someone can explain, perhaps using the documents I have referred to and any others which are relevant, why it is that we have to have yet more housing so densely packed along the creek despite this being discouraged in the currently enforceable Local Plan.

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