Shoddy work at Standard Quay

Eric Glynn sent us this information on work done at Standard Quay since 2011. He says:
The first picture shows the stern line of a Thames Barge moored at Michael White’s newly constructed (2011) quayside between Standard Quay and Oyster Bay House. The work, which should be a minor feat of civil engineering, was done by a landscape gardener. He has since shored up the shoddy work.
The second picture shows the end wall of the northenmost shed on Standard Quay and you can see how long this piece of railway line, a support to the building, used to be, and where it has been cut off  in 2011.
The third picture shows the other large shed, which had a complete concete wall as a base. When the quay floods the water rises to within inches of the top of this wall. This shot shows where  a slice was drilled down (2011) through this wall to provide access for a trolley and ensuring that one day the shed will  flood.
Swale Planner Claire Dethier, et al ,  seemed shocked when they saw these things at a site meeting (2012) but chose to do nothing.

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