Swale says no to greenfield homes

The Faversham Times reports on a Local Development Framework Meeting attended by Swale Borough Councillors last week, at which a draft Local Plan for the borough was discussed.

For Faversham, proposals for housing development on greenfield sites to the south of the A2 look likely to be rejected in favour of brownfield sites without the existing boundaries of the town. There are plans for 229 homes near the Western Link, and up to 250 at Oare Gravel Workings, with a suggestion that land to the east of Love Lane could be used “as a reserve”.

Swale wants to build 10,800 news homes across the borough by 2031.


2 thoughts on “Swale says no to greenfield homes

  1. Sue Cooper

    When I was looking at the Local Plan policies that have been deemed to be compatible with the National Planning Policy Framework, while those for the Creek are okay, the ones regarding greenfield sites are not. Would it be cynical to contemplate the possibility of a hidden agenda here? Trading off the ‘brownfield’ sites on the Creek for the more widely controversial greenfield options? Should the Creek be sacrificed to save farmland? Is this really the option we are really facing?

    I had a notification through my door of an exhibition at the Salters Lane Football Club on Friday 12th (3.30-8pm) and Saturday 13th (10.30- 3pm) July. to view pre-application proposals for houses, care home, hotel and offices at Perry Court Farm. I’m away but hope people will be able to go and see what is proposed on this very large site south of the A2.

  2. Griselda Mussett

    The long-held strategy of having no development south of the A2 comes from the early post-War drive to maximise food-production – conserving farmland. However, since then, the M2 has been built and creates a firm boundary to the south of the town. In fact there is a lot of development between the A2 and the M2 – the Abbey school with its recent commercial developments, farmshops, recycling centre, houses, ambulance and fire stations, etc etc. This area – which obviously has excellent road connections – also partly lies in shallow valleys so does not intrude into the landscape as a whole. I think we should definitely look again at this space – it could be used for business-park development, or housing, and thus relieving the highly over-loaded sites within the town centre. Development would not be able to spill over beyond the M2. I would not envisage total infill because the farming element is still very active, but there is a lot of space there which could be better managed, in my opinion.


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