The pulling power of the creek

On its front page, the Faversham Times (4 July) reports on a survey of 77 local shopkeepers carried out on behalf of the Faversham Creek Trust, which showed that the creek is by far the town’s most important visitor attraction – but an awful lot of visitors can’t find it. Visitors trying to find their way around frequently go into shops to ask for directions, and the most common destination they ask about (a third of enquiries) is the creek.

The findings – which are also reported on p9 of the Faversham News – demonstrate the pulling power of the creek and its massive economic potential for the town, says Griselda Mussett, who organised the survey. It also indicates that signage must be improved as a matter of urgency.

(Long-time members of the Faversham Creek Consortium may remember repeated calls for better signage at meetings back in 2006. Well, one mustn’t rush these things.)


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