Dangerous obsessions

In his “Faversham Forward” column in the Faversham News (1 August), Laurence Young, manager of the Faversham Enterprise Partnership under contract to Faversham Town Council, says: “Faversham has its fair share of obsessives who, unsurprisingly, can pursue their causes to the farther shores of Loopydom. It is this that has led me to feel great sympathy for local councillors over the years, particularly when I’ve sat in on meetings where they have been pressured, and occasionally harangued, from the public gallery by purist, self-interested and, indeed, self-righteous members of our various branches of the Tea Cup Tendency.”

Do people think this is fair comment? And does anyone know what the Tea Cup Tendency is?

7 thoughts on “Dangerous obsessions

  1. Hilary Whelan

    Spotted on the CPALC (Communities, Parish and Local Council) website*, in a blog thread titled “You are not alone”, comments about residents who ask their councils to be more open and transparent being treated as the devil incarnate … people who question how councils operate being classed as troublemakers, disruptive, out to undermine the council … those who make FOI requests being deemed vexatious. Gosh. Good job we live in Faversham. Nothing like that would ever happen here.
    * http://www.cpalc.org.uk, but you have to register to access the site.

  2. Nathalie Banaigs

    Not respecting different opinions is certainly not the way forward. Discrediting those who spend time and energy in protecting important values is a little shocking. Calling them obsessive is rather inappropriate in a democratic country. Councillors do what they do because they want to, nobody forces them in their position and we certainly don’t have to agree with them. If they don’t like being challenged, if they take personally the criticism, if they refuse debate, maybe they shouldn’t be councillors? To stand up and talk at a council meeting to express an opinion is not a big deal, is it? To say that the Creek shouldn’t be covered with sterile housing and that maritime activity should be maintained for the future of the town is a fairly ok thing to say, isn’t it? Why would anyone try an discredit those who stand up!

  3. bobtelford

    Unmitigated twaddle of course, but wonderful stuff, what I have come to expect from the Faversham Establishment and its acolytes; thrashing about at everyone who disagrees with their wisdom; those who would rather make decisions without interference from the great unwashed. Arrogance and ignorance from a public leader, showing the symptoms of desperation that the accepted order is collapsing. Time for change maybe.

    1. R Vanstone

      Poor old councillors, poor old Laurence Young – positions of power and influence
      come with being hassled, harrassed,pressurised and harangued!
      My heart bleeds for them all! Maybe he should remember the expression about the best action to take when the heat in the kitchen gets too much to take! Time for a change? I’ll go along with that!

  4. Pat Reid

    Greatly relieved to strongly agree with nearly everything reported in the local paper this week on the outcomes of the surveys. Truly the voice of the people (those to whom it matters, anyway). It will be interesting to see what the Councillors make of it.

    I’m really surprised by Laurences comments – loonies? Tea Party (Sarah Palin’s lot – libertarians who believe in no central governmnent, no taxes and rule by the gun)? I have never thought of myself in those ways, nor have I thought of the hundreds who completed the survey in those ways either – just concerned local people who do not want to see the town turned into a dormitory. Maybe we should ask for some amplification?

  5. Anna Bales

    Sorry, but this is just pompous and rather cheap twaddle which would be more at home in the Daily Mail. Mr Young does not explain himself, much less give examples of what he is talking about or make any attempt at reasoned argument. Mr. Young just serves up a somewhat vacuous and ultimately meaningless rant.


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