“Rethink needed”

In the Faversham News (1 August), a report on last week’s Neighbourhood Plan steering group meeting says a rethink is needed on how the group communicates with the public. It quotes Councillor Cosgrove’s comment that “We may well need to think again about how we communicate. I say that because my own view was that the exhibition was helpful but I well understand it was quite complicated.”

Many of the public present at the meeting were unimpressed by the implication that they had failed to understand, and that if only they had, they would have responded differently – with no recognition of the possibility that people understood perfectly well and just didn’t like what they were seeing.

There is a strong feeling that it’s not just the communication of this plan that needs a rethink – it’s the entire content and rationale.

2 thoughts on ““Rethink needed”

  1. Nathalie Banaigs

    During the meeting, I was indeed unimpressed by Mike Cosgrove’s implication that we had failed to understand. I understood very well what was proposed in the NP questionnaire and I didn’t like it because I felt that what it focused on (extensive housing development on the creek) would ruin the town. It was pretty clear that there was no vision for Faversham in the NP proposal with regards to economic development, jobs, heritage etc…, a disregard for the Creek and its potential which would mean a great loss for the town. I was pleased to hear from the report read by Anne Salmon that most residents said they didn’t like what they saw. They don’t want all this housing on the waterfront and they want to preserve maritime heritage and activities. There is no need to assume that they misunderstood. Although there wasn’t many options offered in the proposal at the exhibition but housing, I was very pleased to hear that quite a few residents decided to make their own suggestions… Let’s continue this debate, it’s the only way
    to get somewhere sensible.

  2. Graham Warner

    After the 1953 uprisings in east Germany a disillusioned Brecht wrote:

    After the uprising of the 17th of June
    The Secretary of the Writers Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
    Stating that the people
    Had forfeited the confidence of the government
    And could win it back only
    By redoubled efforts.

    Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?


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