Standard Quay – turning Baltic House into a wine bar

Rumours have been circulating for several weeks about work being done on Baltic House at Standard Quay (the white one in the quayside group of buildings). Was it going to be a wine bar? Did the planning authorities know?

It now appears that the answers are: yes, it is going to be a wine bar, launched with a private party on Thursday 29 August and then open to the public throughout the Hop Festival. And no, the planning authorities did not know, but they do now. Officers recently visited the site; planning permission for change of use has not been granted, or even applied for. There has also been an application for a temporary events license to sell alcohol; concern has been expressed about this, particularly in relation to the Hop Festival when there are often alcohol-related problems.

If you have any concerns about these developments, and wish to support the council officers and strengthen their efforts to enforce planning and licensing regulations, email and/or


4 thoughts on “Standard Quay – turning Baltic House into a wine bar

  1. eric

    here i am answering my own question… these are the official positions…

    The Council is aware of the imminent commencement of this use. No planning permission has been granted.
    We have made several visits to the site and eventually managed to contact the operator who believed that planning permission was in place, and she has stated that she will submit a planning application very soon.
    In accordance with normal practise, if an application is received, we will consider that application and then take appropriate action. If no application is received, we expect to take enforcement action over this matter.
    I can confirm Baltic House did submit a Temporary Event Notice to the Licensing Authority (section 100 Licensing Act 2003) for a pop-up bar over the Hop Festival weekend.

    In regards to the other matters you raised, I understand it is their intend to submit an application to the Planning Authority for a ‘change of use’ of the premises to a bar. Under Planning legislation the public will be made aware of an application by written letter (depending on their proximity to the proposal) or by way of Public Notice. Nothing is being kept from the public, it is very much in the early stages and you will have an opportunity to make representation (I would advise if you do not live in close proximity, that you look out for the Public Notice or the advert in the local paper).

    For a permanent licence to sell alcohol, an application to the Licensing Authority should be made once the use of the premises is confirmed; however in the meantime the operators of Baltic House can submit Temporary Event Notices, but will be limited to 12 applications or 15 days (whichever comes first) under the regulations set out in the Licensing Act 2003.

  2. eric

    they are working on a permanent wine bar with a £35 membership fee…. the license , for a popup ba,r ends this Sunday evening.. there has been no attempt to seek planning permission.. this is a Michael White based operation… WHAT IS GOING ON THAT WE DONT KNOW…


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