Next Steering Group meeting: site use proposals

The next Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting will be on TUESDAY 15 OCTOBER at 7pm in the Guildhall. The main item on the agenda is the list of site use proposals prepared by Anne Salmon and John Sell (page 14 onwards in the meeting papers).

Controversially, in defiance of feedback from the June consultation, they are still recommending housing on Ordnance Wharf and large blocks of flats on Swan Quay, there are still high-rise buildings on the waterfront, and the recommendations for Standard Quay broadly accept the status quo. The public’s preferences are rejected because they are “unviable” or do not make “efficient” use of the land. No evidence for this is presented, and criteria for viability and efficient use are not explained.

The emphasis throughout is on footpaths and “streetscape” improvements, and developments are justified on the (untested, uncosted) grounds that they will provide them. Is that REALLY what this Neighbourhood Plan is all about?

Members of the public who wish to comment can email the Town Clerk on and can also come to the meeting. The public will not be allowed to join in the debate, but questions may be asked before the start of the meeting.


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