Standard Quay / Baltic House wine bar

In the steering group’s latest land use recommendations, it is noted that the white building (Baltic House) “is likely to be the subject of a retrospective planning application to regularise the use with staff accommodation above” – thus setting a precedent for residential use of the Quay. The land use document seems to assume that this will be approved and is entirely relaxed about it, so long as the external appearance of this and the other quayside buildings is preserved.


3 thoughts on “Standard Quay / Baltic House wine bar

  1. eric

    oh , and the external appearance of Baltic House has NOT been preserved,on the creek-facing side of the building there is a three dimensional flower-like structure and some pink vertical stripes……

    1. Sue Cooper

      Eric, have you sent this info to the Council? I send in stuff I hear but it is usually second hand because I am afraid I avoid the Quay most of the time as it is just too painful to go down there. But it is important to keep building up the information the Council have. They can’t do anything if they don’t have hard evidence. I know the impression is that they won’t do anything anyway – which is presumably the premise the owners are working on too (it simply would not occur to the rest of us to do this, it is just too mind-blowingly selfish, greedy and anti social not to mention illegal) but if we give SBC enough evidence, surely they will have to act. But Faversham is only a small bit of Swale and SQ only a small bit of Faversham as far as they are concerned. Their attention is elsewhere, Its up to us to keep pulling it back to what we believe is a vital bit of the Town. Don’t give up!


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