New Town Council meeting on creek site use proposals

Faversham Town council will consider the Neighbourhood Plan steering group’s site use proposals at an extraordinary meeting on MONDAY 28 OCTOBER at 7pm in the Alexander Centre.

The site use paper was on the agenda at the previous Town Council meeting on 21 October, but was deferred because the Guildhall could not accommodate the large number of members of the public who wished to attend – hence the change of venue to the Alexander Centre.

Questions from the public will be allowed for 30 minutes before the meeting. What happens after that is unclear: the agenda says that the council members are to “receive” the minutes of the last steering group meeting – to be followed by a private session. Please note: we have been advised that the private session will be on a matter unconnected with the Neighbourhood Plan.



5 thoughts on “New Town Council meeting on creek site use proposals

  1. Anna Bales

    I am at a loss to understand what is going on to be honest. I see people like Anne Salmon putting in a tremendous amount of work, for which I very much thank her. But she too has had to follow the directions that others have set. I agree with Ms Cooper in that I think people, including our mayor, have been bullied and misled.

    One question just won’t go away. Why are two of our ‘senior’ councillors seemingly utterly determined to do what the developers want rather than what their electorate wants. I think we should be told.

  2. Sue Cooper

    I think we should let them have a chance to sort out whatever has gone wrong. I am optimistic that there are good people there who want to do the right thing, but who are not in the business of creating scapegoats. The thing has been set up as it has been and that cannot be changed overnight. I do not think the blame lies with the Town Council. I think they should have been stronger earlier, as I think they have been bullied and misled. We need to help them to find a way forward to create the Neighbourhood Plan that we all really want. Perhaps this private session may be the last one needed to set the process onto a new more positive footing with much greater openness.

    1. Sue Cooper

      feeling slightly silly now with the new info about the private session being on a different matter but also pleased that that aspect of the conspiracy theory is blown out of the water!

      But it would be nice to be reassured that it really is completely unconnected. It is, after all, I thought, a last minute meeting arrangement. Or was there already a meeting that has been extended and had its venue moved to accommodate the Creek discussion?

      I hope members of the Town Council will understand why people are so suspicious. So much has been done in secret.

      For example, while Anne Salmon did say she had represented the Steering Group in discussion with landowners, do we get to see minutes of those meetings or to know when, where and why they took place and who else was present? What advice was given or information received?

      Can she be the only one who has met and talked to landowners? Or is she simply perhaps the most honest for having had the courage to say she had? Were others on the Group putting other, perhaps broader, interpretations on the question that was asked about “advising” landowners? Cllr Cosgrove said he had advised the Creek Trust but mentioned no others. I don’t recall any other positive responses to the question.

      As became apparent, only two or possibly three landowners have been consulted by the Steering Group and they are the most recent arrivals on the scene. Why have the traditional employers not been included yet? They are hardly difficult to find and there has been plenty of time. .

      What do the Steering Group consider to be the differences between ‘advising’ and ‘consulting’ landowners?

      Perhaps we could ask the Town Council to investigate further? It is important that the Steering Group, (if it is, as we are told it is, an arm of the TC) should be not only above suspicion but should be clearly seen to be above it. Otherwise, as we have seen from some fairly vitriolic comments, our Town Council will become seen as less than the respected and hard working institution it actually is and should continue to be.


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