Consultation on Neighbourhood Plan designation

When a new Neighbourhood Plan is proposed, the town/parish council responsible has to apply to the local planning authority, asking for the plan to be officially designated. The planning authority has to put this out for a 6-week consultation before it can give the plan the go-ahead.

This never happened with the Faversham Creek plan, because is was one of the front runners, and when it started the designation procedure had not yet been put in place. However, it does have to be done retrospectively. This was raised a year ago, and the Town Council submitted its application to Swale in January 2013. Swale (after repeated reminders) has at last got around to processing the application and beginning the consultation about whether we should have a Neighbourhood Plan,

The six-week consultation period starts on Monday 11 November. The documentation is on the Swale website. Comments can be sent to or by post to:
Spatial Planning Manager
Swale Borough Council
Swale House
East Street
ME10 3HT

The consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 23 December.

1 thought on “Consultation on Neighbourhood Plan designation

  1. David Walker

    Due to the length of time that has elapsed the plan that is finally about to be considered, is now out of date. Its originator has departed and it has little support from the people involved. Any consultation is a complete waste of time. So how do we get the new plan which has more support, accepted in its place?


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