Bullies and fascists*

These are the words used at the steering group meeting on November 12 by deputy chairman Councillor Cosgrove to describe those who have registered their discontent with the way in which the group is handling the Neighbourhood Plan.

Councillor Cosgrove had earlier said that “landowners” (directed at Professor Chris Wright of the Faversham Creek Trust) had to be excluded from meetings when their own interests were discussed, in order to prevent them from intimidating other members of the group. He drew a comparison with Norhern Ireland.

Chairman Nigel Kay, normally quick to bang his gavel and call for order at the slightest sign of disrespect from the public gallery, was content to let these remarks pass without comment.

In the Standing Orders upon which the steering group places great store, the definition of misconduct includes “behaving irregularly, offensively, improperly or in such a manner as to scandalise the Council or bring it into contempt or ridicule.”

* authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorial, despotic, draconian, autocratic, Nazi, undemocratic, anti-democratic, illiberal, extreme/far right-wing, rightist, militarist, nationalistic, xenophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, chauvinist, jingoistic, isolationist …


6 thoughts on “Bullies and fascists*

  1. eric

    i couldn’t make it either … was there any mention of COPULSORY PURCHASE as was intimated in Visions of a Creek’s earlier post….

    1. Visions of a Creek Post author

      CPO was not really discussed. A document from Swale giving their reasons for rejecting an earlier CPO request for Standard Quay in 2011 was circulated “as an aid to understanding the issues”.

  2. Sue Cooper

    I’m afraid I left the meeting because I couldn’t stand the farce any longer. Every time I show my face at a meeting I am reminded repeatedly that I can’t speak because I am not a registered town elector. (does this reminder get said when I am not there or am I being paranoid?).

    So, despite long association with all things Creek I can’t ask a question. Am I supposed to feel grateful that at least I’m allowed to sit in the room? Because that’s what I feel I am expected to think.

    I could not believe what I was hearing when Cllr Kay asked for ‘volunteers’ to draft the plan with apparently no guidance of any kind being offered to any such hapless volunteers. If all we want is some random words on a page surely to goodness that could have been done years ago with little expense or without any of the hard work we are constantly told the Steering Group is doing.

    To the perfectly reasonable question: ‘What progress has Cllr Cosgrove made on the maritime survey he said he was going to undertake (not, by the way, one he was going to simply put into some meeting minutes, or one he was going to ask someone else to do, but the work he himself was actually going to do )… The only answer was that someone else had come forward to do it and jolly grateful the Group were to them as well and so should we be.

    . Even though what the group in question has offered to do is a maritime business plan, not a survey or whatever it was the Mr Cosgrove said he was going to do, and clearly has not done.

    To the again perfectly reasonable question, why don’t the group get help – FREE help – as offered by a properly qualified and experienced person, we were told that whatever was written would be checked over by this person – What an arse-about-faced way to do something.

    To the again perfectly reasonable question ‘why don’t we look properly at the structure of other successful plans’ . we were told people had web links to such plans. Great – well why haven’t you all looked at them and drawn up a blue print??? God… Talk about not being able to organise anything in a brewery. Laughable is not the word. It is tragic and disgusting. I was horrified and could not sit through any more. All I can hope is that it improved. As for comparing Faversham with Northern Ireland and suggesting that people might be intimidated by being pointed at… for goodness sake.

    Who, exactly, is, by association, bringing the Town Council into disrepute here? It sure as hell isn’t the people asking the questions .

  3. Pat Reid

    Sorry, but am I missing something here? Does this posting have a name attached to it that I am overlooking? I really don’t think you should be accepting anonymous postings (however much you agree with the content!) but maybe I am not looking inthe right place – please advise!

      1. Anna Bales

        From initially thinking that a certain Cllr had managed to make himself look even more ridiculous than is normal, I found myself getting cross and upset. I had been thinking so much in Remembrance week about my Mum and Dad who had in very different ways lost their youth in the war against facism. .Cllr. Cosgrove belittled all that they and all those millions who died in the same cause. To compare residents to bullying facists is abhorrent.
        No-one called him to order, even though Cllr. Kay was quick to jump on every noise coming from us hapless residents.
        Cllr. Cosgrove’s comments are below contempt in my eyes. The fact that this man is allowed to keep insulting local people is shameful and reflects very badly upon Faversham Town Council. I hope that this latest ugly onslaught will prove to be a step too far for the Mayor and Faversham Town Council.

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