Flood warning December 5/6 – be aware

FLOOD WARNING – Check the news and Environment Agency website, and if you have anyone you think should know about the potential flooding, please inform them.

The Environment Agency says: Gale force winds and large waves are expected on the whole of the east coast of England later on Thursday 5 December and through Friday 6 December, when spring tide levels will still be high. Where these combine with a large positive surge, significant coastal flooding, such as flooding of properties and parts of communities, could result. A large positive surge is expected at locations on the east coast of Kent on both early Friday morning and Friday afternoon high tides.

Medway Internal Drainage Board says: “A high tide plus winds of up to 60mph at roughly 02:17 and 14:45 on Friday could mean that seawalls might be overtopped through the Medway valley (Halling, Wouldham, Cuxton), the entire south side of the Isle of Sheppey, the south side of the Swale in particular Sittingbourne Creek and Faversham Creek through to Whitstable/Seasalter. Oare marshes was also mentioned. The worst case for Friday’s tide could be only 100mm less than the 1953 flood level.”


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