Wine bar goes before planning committee

The Baltic House wine bar application on Standard Quay goes before Swale Borough Council’s planning committee on 13 February. The planners are recommending approval, albeit with a clear lack of enthusiasm. They apparently cannot think of any planning grounds for refusal. It is not clear why the reasons for refusal of the restaurant application on heritage grounds are not considered to apply equally to this building – and remarks about the lack of any need for changes to the building would also appear to fly in the face of the visible evidence.

The recommendations are here – section 2.8, page 51 (page 54 of the PDF)

1 thought on “Wine bar goes before planning committee

  1. Sue Cooper

    Open House programme details 2010:

    Standard Quay Visitors Centre:

    “A Visitor Centre to publicise Faversham Creek and the contribution made by Standard Quay Ltd to its wellbeing has long been one of the aims of Standard Quay Ltd. The arrival in the town of the sailing barge Cambria for an extensive rebuild provided just the impetus needed to proceed with this project. Consequently, the small white partly weatherboarded building on Standard Quay was converted into a visitor centre on the ground floor and meeting room/office upstairs. This involved considerable restoration and renovation work which was funded jointly by Standard Quay Ltd and Rochester Independent College.

    The Visitor Centre has interesting displays about the work that goes on at Standard Quay and also, because of its current importance, the larger part of the display has fascinating information about the Cambria.”

    Also open for visitors during the Open House that year:
    The Cambria,
    Colin Frake Blockmaker,
    the Boatwright Apprentices Workshop.

    Also, during a tour of the buildings in general visitors were able to see: “the type of waterside industry that was typical when they were erected is still being carried out in them” and “examples of the work that used to be commonplace in the setting that this type of work thrived it”. Also available to view the gunpowder barge “Lady of the Lea”.

    Notably, the programme, as it did every year, made a point to mention that “the northernmost part of this group of buildings is still lined internally to form a grain hopper.”


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