Neighbourhood Plan: There Is (almost) No Alternative

At its meeting on 25 March, the steering group voted to approve a first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan which, for a small number of sites (Ordnance Wharf, the Oil Depot and the Coach Depot) included alternative options – either predominantly housing, as proposed by the respective landowners/developers and supported by the steering group majority, or industrial/training/community use as proposed in the Business Case and by the Faversham Creek Trust and the Brents Community Association, in line with feedback from previous consultations. Discussion of alternative options for Swan Quay was deferred until the following meeting on 1 April.

At the April 1 meeting, diverging from the published agenda, steering group member Andrew Osborne proposed, seconded by Councillor Mike Cosgrove, that all decisions to include alternative options for site uses should be overturned. Votes were taken site-by-site and all alternatives were deleted except for Ordnance Wharf.

Mr Osborne said it would be open to anyone to put forward alternative proposals during the consultation process.

The revised draft of the Neighbourhood Plan will be put before Faversham Town Council for approval at its next meeting on Monday 7 April. There will be an opportunity for questions from the public before the meeting.


6 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Plan: There Is (almost) No Alternative

  1. Alan Wood

    The first draft probably needs to be put before the Council without alternatives as a basis for further public consultation. It is during this consultation that alternatives can be put forward and considered which will then be written in a second draft. Possibly.

    1. Robert Telford

      Then why was that point not made at the last SG mtg and everyone could have saved their time [7 till 10pm] and significant effort. No, that was an ambush by politicians who have their fixed agenda and will go to any lengths to achieve it.

      1. Robert Telford

        Yes I know, sorry, just taking the opportunity to make the point whilst trying to put something more constructive together, which I am finding difficult. We are like babes in the wood against these seasoned and ruthless politicians, whose motto seems to be “Expediency above all else”.

  2. Sue Cooper

    sorry, but I don’t understand. Alternative proposals have been put forward but have been rejected even though the group voted to include some of them – but alternative proposals can be put forward?

  3. Robert Telford

    So speechless with rage that I will not reply now… later when I have had time to calm down and craft a sensible reply, if sense can be made from it; clearly there are distinctly different understandings of ‘localism; and democratic process, and reflecting the views of the people.


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