The Faversham Society and the Neighbourhood Plan

In a letter to the Faversham Society newsletter in March, longstanding member Harold Goodwin asked about the society’s position on the Neighbourhood Plan and how its views were being represented on the steering group.

In the May newsletter, Jenny Parry [Chair of the Faversham Society, now retired] writes: “In reply to Harold Goodwin’s letter in the March issue, the Faversham Society has stated its stance on the creek after welcoming comments last July recorded in the August newsletter.

“We feel that the creek should keep to its maritime traditions and where possible remain a centre for maintaining and repairing traditional craft. We also said that we were opposed to too many residential developments by the waterside and insist that any building should be no higher than two-and-a-half storeys high. It was also felt that the Ordnance Wharf should have no residential buildings on it.

“Janet Turner, who is the society’s representative on the steering committee, recognises our wishes but does also understand that we have to be realistic that a plan is made at all and not forced upon us. I do see your point about having more updates and this will be undertaken in future.”

We hope that clears things up.

(PS: The Faversham Society has a snazzy new website – you can see it here.)


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