A different way to have your say

The LET’S MAKE THE CREEK WORK FOR FAVERSHAM exhibition is open to the public at the Alexandra Centre, today (Saturday 31 May, 9:30am-4pm). It includes:

–  An outline of different ideas for the future of the Creek, with background information and statistics and an outline of the planning context, and raising questions about what the Neighbourhood Plan has to offer the residents of the neighbourhood.

–  Information on each of the sites identified in the Neighbourhood Plan, showing what people said at last year’s consultation, what has been proposed by the Town Council’s steering group, and ideas for alternative uses.

–  Detailed proposals for the future of the BMM Weston site – which could provide plenty of housing, better suited to local needs, without using creekside sites.

–  Detailed ideas for the use of Town Quay and Swan Quay which retain the existing heritage assets and the view and sense of openness from the bridge and the opposite side of the Creek.

There are questionnaires for everyone to register their opinions, and post-it notes for people to make comments or suggest their own alternative ideas.

There are also copies of the draft Neighbourhood Plan and questionnaire, and even a copy of the National Planning Policy Framework for anyone who wants to see for themselves what it says.

The exhibition is organised by BMM Weston, the Brents Community Association and the Faversham Creek Trust, with support from other organisations (including the Camera Club, who generously loaned and helped to put up the display boards).






3 thoughts on “A different way to have your say

  1. Graham Warner

    I was away last weekend, so I wasn’t able to see this. Is the content, or at least the gist of it, available online?

  2. eric glynn

    taking out all the sweet options and then having a public consultation without them is .. let’s be polite…. unacceptable, even unforgivable….. and this was instigated by a man who refers to the Creek Trust as “the howling mob”


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