Can Faversham learn from WAMP?

“Councillors are not the only ones who can have good ideas” says a headline In the Faversham Times today (11 June) – and it was a councillor who said it!

The new chairman of the Whitstable Area Member Panel (WAMP), Councillor Neil Barker, is reported as saying that the prefix of “councillor” doesn’t mean “I know better than you” and wants to let members of the public play a more interactive role in council meetings.

“I don’t believe in the ‘them and us’ mentality when it comes to meetings of the council,” he says, and “While the constitution of the council means meetings have to be held in certain ways, I will continue to use chairman’s discretion at WAMP to allow members of the public who take the time to attend to play a full and active role in the proceedings. If I see a hand raised from someone who wants to contribute, I will ask them to speak – be they a councillor or a member of the public … I truly believe we can find solutions if we all work together, throwing ideas around and encouraging fresh ideas.”





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