Report in Faversham News: clarification

We have been asked to point out that a claim made in a report in the Faversham News (12 June), about the removal of the Brents Community Association and the Faversham Creek Trust from the Neighbourhood Plan steering group, is misleading.

The report says that Nigel Kay, who chairs the steering group, wanted a meeting with the chairmen of both groups, Christopher Wright and Angela Simmons, but that Professor Wright refused. This implies that he was unwilling to discuss the matter. In fact what Professor Wright wanted was an open discussion there and then, with an explanation of the grounds for excluding the groups, rather than a closed meeting on some future date.

Mr Kay refused to allow further discussion at the steering group meeting, and proposed a private meeting, but not until the end of the month (since he said it would require the presence of the Town Clerk, Jackie Westlake, who is on holiday).

The BCA and the Creek Trust felt that the matter could not be left on hold, so Professor Wright invited Mr Kay to meet informally with himself and Mrs Simmons at an earlier date. After several exchanges of emails, Mr Kay notified Professor Wright that he and Councillor John Coulter would be available for a meeting at the Mayor’s Parlour at 8pm on 10 June, and the meeting accordingly took place.


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