Steering Group meeting cancelled?

The meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group scheduled for TUESDAY 1 JULY has reportedly been cancelled, though there is nothing on the Neighbourhood Plan website to notify the public of any changes. The minutes of the previous meeting can be seen here.

The Neighbourhood Plan, and whether the Faversham Creek Trust and the Brents Community Association should be reinstated as members of the steering group, are on the agenda for the Faversham Town Council meeting on MONDAY 30 JUNE, 7pm at the Guildhall.

MONDAY 30 JUNE is also the deadline for submission of responses to the Town Council’s consultation on the draft Neighbourhood plan – the consultation closes at 5pm.


One thought on “Steering Group meeting cancelled?

  1. Sue Cooper

    I’m a bit puzzled by two things in the minutes which are, I think, related.

    First, the implication in the minutes of the meeting that AAP2 doesn’t conform to the NPPF. This is because, while the minutes say specifically that the policies in the emerging plan will conform to the NPPF, they don’t say the same for AAP2. So although it is not specifically said that AAP2 doesn’t conform, most readers would come to that conclusion. My understanding is that it does, in fact, conform. Can we somehow get official confirmation of this? Did James Freeman specifically say that AAP2 did not conform or that the new policies somehow are more in conformity?

    Second, in the report of what James Freeman said (did he write this or is it based on notes?) he is quoted as saying: “I believe the balance is in favour of economic development balanced by environmental social – in its wider sense of meeting the needs of new housing development – which is particularly heightened by not having a 5 year supply across the borough.” There seems to be a huge leap in this one sentence from saying “the balance is in favour of economic development” to “we’ve got to have new houses because the borough hasn’t got enough”. With a massive logical hole in the middle. I wondered if anyone who managed to stay for the whole meeting could make any sense of this? (I’m afraid I did walk out after the exclusion fiasco and the mismanagement of the voting on various motions and amendments)


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