What next for the Neighbourhood Plan?

At the Faversham Town Council meeting on 30 June:

1. Councillor Kay proposed that the Faversham Creek Trust and the Brents Community Association should be reinstated as members of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group, each with one nominated member and a nominated substitute. The resolution was passed without discussion.

2. It was announced that Councillor Kay and the Town Clerk had had a meeting with James Freeman, head of planning at Swale Borough Council, who had attended the previous steering group meeting. Swale is at last recruiting a planning consultant to replace Tony Fullwood (who resigned in summer 2013). It is hoped that the new person will be in post by mid-July.

3. Forthcoming meetings have been rescheduled:
TUESDAY 1 JULY: cancelled.
WEDNESDAY 23 JULY: next meeting, at which it is hoped the new planning consultant will be present.
TUESDAY 19 AUGUST: detailed and possibly lengthy meeting (with new planning consultant and Brian Whitely, Planning Aid advisor) to review consultation feedback and make recommendations to the Town Council.
TUESDAY 26 AUGUST: Faversham Town Council meeting considers recommendations.

4. Under the rules of neighbourhood planning, the local planning authority (Swale) then takes over responsibility for the remaining stages (drawing up the submission draft, another 6-week consultation, independent inspection and referendum). It is not clear what part, if any, the steering group will play in this process. Swale have said it will take longer than previously envisaged to fulfill all the statutory requirements. The referendum, originally scheduled for next January, is now unlikely to be before summer 2015.



One thought on “What next for the Neighbourhood Plan?

  1. Sue Cooper

    The history of planning consultants involved with the Creek has so far been a depressing one. They appear to have been briefed to promote the development of the Creek – hence the change in the flood designation so that it doesn’t get too wet for houses any more – rather than its practical use – for which its wetness is quite useful.

    I wonder what the job description was for the new consultant.


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