Neighbourhood Plan consultation feedback

Preliminary feedback from the statutory consultation on the pre-submission draft of the Neighbourhood Plan will be presented at the next steering group meeting. There were 203 responses to the questionnaire; an interim report can be seen on the Neighourhood Plan website. There is also a report on responses from statutory consultees.

There will also be a short presentation of the feedback to the LET’S MAKE THE CREEK WORK FOR FAVERSHAM exhibition organised by the Faversham Creek Trust, the Brents Community Association and BMM Weston, although discussion of this will not be allowed at the meeting. There were 462 responses to this questionnaire. A report can be seen here.

The meeting will be on WEDNESDAY 23 JULY, 7pm at the Guildhall. Fifteen minutes will be allowed beforehand for questions from the public.



One thought on “Neighbourhood Plan consultation feedback

  1. emwilco

    Is it worth suggesting ahead of time to the Town Council that we may once again have a capacity (not to mention access) issue and an alternative venue be sought?


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