Your chance to comment on changes to the planning system

The government has launched a consultation on proposed changes to the planning system, which will relax planning regulations even further (or “build upon improvements already made”, depending on your point of view). The consultation is open until 26 September.

In addition to making it “easier for residents and business to come together to produce a neighbourhood plan, drawing on the experience gained from over 900 neighbourhood areas”, the government says the proposals would:

  • expand permitted development rights, further reducing red tape, supporting housing and growth; these proposals will help ensure the planning system is proportionate and full planning permission is only required where this is genuinely justified
  • improve the use of planning conditions and enable development to start more quickly on site after planning permission is granted
  • improve engagement with statutory consultees so they are consulted in a proportionate way on those developments where their input is most valuable
  • remove unnecessary bureaucracy and reduce the cost and time taken to get planning permission, by raising the environmental impact assessment screening thresholds for industrial estate and urban development projects which are located outside of defined sensitive areas
  • expand the number of non-planning consents which can be included within a development consent order,


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