Baltic House, Standard Quay: new planning application

Following last year’s change of use to a wine bar (“with no building works”), a further planning application – reference 14/501476 – has been made, for “Internal alterations to provide first floor kitchen and shower room plus new staircase, replacement windows to match existing. Small window to north east elevation to be lowered.”

The primary reason given for this application is that “to be more successful and ensure its longevity” the wine bar needs to provide food, and this requires further building works in addition to the ones that were not required in the first place. These works, coincidentally, will create what would appear to be a self-contained flat on the first floor, though residential use in this location is contrary to current planning policy. 

The application was lodged some time ago, but it was impossible to comment since no details were available and there were also problems with access to the new planning website. Access is now possible, the details are now available, and the closing date for comments has been extended (until when is not entirely clear, but probably until end-August).

The application can be found here and the detailed design and access statement is here. 

Anyone wishing to comment can do so online (with the new system you have to register before being able to make a comment) or in writing to Andrew Spiers (A. J. Spiers, Planning Services, Swale Borough Council, Swale House, Sittingbourne ME10 3HT / email To be taken seriously, comments should be based on reasonable grounds such as planning policies (eg, AAP2 and other local plan policies, or NPPF policies on heritage and flood risk) or amenity considerations (eg, impact on local residents) rather than personal opinion.

Faversham Town Council provisionally recommended refusal at its last meeting because no details were then available, but the application is likely to be discussed again at the next meeting on 26 August (7pm, Guildhall). Members of the public who wish to express an opinion will have an opportunity to do so in the public session before the meeting.


3 thoughts on “Baltic House, Standard Quay: new planning application

  1. don55

    Personally I welcome the further development of Baltic House including the wine bar. The additional planning application is an obvious progression for this building and the business to modernise it for habitation and defined commercial use. We should not be afraid to see some controlled development of this area as long as the essential character integrity of the area is maintained and so far as is possible the ancient architecture is preserved. It is only by encouraging such controlled and sympathetic development that the quayside will be sustained in anything like its present form. As regards the other comment concerning a possible marquee – its an annual festival event when such compromise ought to and should be accepted temporarily. As long as full access to any particular point is not blocked with no alternative route then there can be no real argument against a short term access impediment. After all, we have to deal with heavily ploughed furrows crossing wet muddy footpaths across fields at certain times of the year to sensibly accommodate farmers requirements, this is no different. The festival benefits the town as a whole as well as the individual businesses that invest in it.

  2. Sue Cooper

    An interesting point about events blocking the right of way. I think it is good if the quay is recognised as a public space and therefore occasional events are appropriate there – I like to see it used appropriately and see a variety of people enjoying it – it makes it vibrant and lively. What it should not be is shut off from public access or turned into a private car park . It is after all part of the right of way not only to footpaths on land but to and from international seaways and access to the water for the loading and unloading of vessels for goods or passengers must not be blocked. It is not a private area but one which has served the town for centuries. Private users may have come and gone over the years but it should never ever be cut off from public access from land and from water. There is much that needs to be researched about wharves and quays and the very few we have left should have similar status to Town Greens in my opinion.

  3. Ruth jones

    With regard to the wine bar application for planning permission to extend premises which I will comment upon in the appropriate manner, I know that this wine bar will be hosting music events over hop festival and am concerned that the public space between the wine bar and the creek will be compromised ie large marquee or other blocking of the public right of way. I would be interested in any feed back.
    Ruth Jones


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