What FTC said about Standard Quay planning applications

At its meeting on Tuesday 26 August, Faversham Town Council discussed the three new planning applications for the Standard Quay area: further alterations to Baltic House, new car wash for the former coach depot, and offices/storage for the former oil depot. It appears these applications were made some time ago but were stuck in the new Mid-Kent planning system and have now all come through in a bunch.

The Council objected to the car wash application on the grounds that it would generate noise and traffic, and to the oil depot application because of concerns about what might be stored at the site, about which there is no information.

At its previous meeting the Council had deferred comment on Baltic House because of lack of information, and this time it still would not give full approval because there was not enough information about the internal alterations. Its concerns were about design rather than principle.

Faversham Town Council is not a planning authority, but its comments may be taken into account by Swale Borough Council officers and councillors when they make their recommendations and decisions.

The planning applications are still open for comment here, where you can also see comments by the Town Council and others.




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