Neighbourhood Plan: next stages

The dates for the next two steering group meetings are THURSDAY 25 SEPTEMBER at 7pm at the Assembly Rooms (note change of venue) and TUESDAY 7 OCTOBER at 7pm at the Guildhall. It is understood that the consultants Feria Urbanism, who have been reviewing the feedback from the May/June consultation, will be presenting their recommendations at the meeting on 25 September.

3 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Plan: next stages

  1. Sue Cooper

    You don’t happen to know anything about this by any chance? I can’t find out who or what the communication and engagement group mentioned in the minutes of the last Town Council meeting is. The minutes read: “Members noted the request by the communications and engagement group.
    It was agreed the Town Clerk and the Mayor would discuss next steps with
    the independent planning consultant and offer the services of the
    communications and engagement group.”
    I was at the meeting but this reference seems to have passed me by at the time.

    1. Visions of a Creek Post author

      A paper was submitted to the FTC which said that having a group of people working on the pre-submission draft of the Neighbourhood Plan had caused problems, and suggested that the next draft should be prepared by the consultants Feria working with just one person from the steering group, and this person should be a planning professional – ie, Anne Salmon. The FTC were a little confused by this proposal, which was unsigned so nobody knew who it was from, which is why they merely “noted” it. Some of those present were of the view that Feria were being paid for the “professional” input, and the role of the steering group was to provide the community input.


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