Neighbourhood Plan: what the consultants said

Consultants Feria Urbanism presented their recommendations for the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan to the steering group on 25 September. The slides from their presentation can be seen here and their proposed revised draft of the plan can be seen here.




One thought on “Neighbourhood Plan: what the consultants said

  1. eric glynn

    with regards to this piece from the plan revised by the consultants, as an example ,can anyone tell us what this means in any real sense, beyond the obvious:-

    Making the creek the focus of a neighbourhood plan allows a complex series of constraints and opportunities to be brought together. It is this complexity that makes the creek such a fascinating area — a combination of natural landscape features combining with human interventions over many hundreds of years has created a very special place.
    The neighbourhood plans examines the opportunities this context presents under the three headings of People, Places and Waterways. The plan needs to create the right conditions for the renaissance of the creek as a living and working part of Faversham. All three aspects need to be considered as equal partners in the long term sustainability of the creek.



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