Town Council meeting on 13 October to vote on Neighbourhood Plan

There will be an extraordinary meeting of Faversham Town Council on MONDAY 13 OCTOBER to decide whether to approve the version of the Neighbourhood Plan agreed by the steering group on 7 October.

The steering group decided that no substantive changes should be made to the plan to reflect the feedback from the May/June consultation, even though 70% of respondents did not support it. They refused to allow Option B for Ordnance Wharf (industrial/community use, no housing) even though this was supported by 87% of respondents and would not be a “substantive” change since it was in the consultation draft.

The consultant is asking the council to agree to the statement that “the neighbourhood plan does not consider residential uses to be incompatible with most industrial uses”, although he acknowledges that he knows nothing about the conditions required for working on barges and other large vessels and whether it is possible for work of this nature to be carried out on the ground floor of a residential block.


One thought on “Town Council meeting on 13 October to vote on Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Brenda

    An absolute disgrace showing disdain for the people of Faversham and their views. It seems clear that the consultant’s brief from Swale Borough Council (which wasn’t shared with members of the steering group) was to tinker at the edges, using urban design jargon and pretty pictures and get the plan pushed through. To recommend that residential use is compatible with industrial use of working on big Thames barges at the Purifier and Ordnance Wharves shows his ignorance of Faversham Creek (How long did he actually spend here?) and the world of Thames barges, and his intent on following his clients brief regardless.
    For the Town Council to ignore the 87% of people against housing on Ordnance Wharf shows them to be arrogant and completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent..
    This response was no different to the previous consultations – yet no changes made to the plan at any stage.
    I have faith in the people of Faversham and they will not allow this to go unchallenged.


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