Venue of Town Council meeting on 13 October

The extraordinary meeting of the Town Council on 13 October will be at QUEEN ELIZABETH GRAMMAR SCHOOL – not at the Guildhall.

On the agenda: To consider the minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meetings held on 25 September and 7 October and its recommendations for the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan; To consider the future of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group; To consider the Creek Bridge.

More information here.


2 thoughts on “Venue of Town Council meeting on 13 October

  1. Michael Maloney

    I attended the meeting at Queen Elizabeth’s School on Tuesday evening where the neighbourhood plan was discussed. Not surprisingly the Steering Group and FTC seem to be both blind and deaf, ignoring the comments from most of the people who attended this meeting. The vote I believe wa 5-3 in favour of the original submissions put forward by the Steering Group. Both previous consultations with the public are totally at odds with the Steering Groups proposals. I suggest they read the front page of this weeks Faversham Times to see what the community wants and what it can do. I am also adding the link to the award received by Brian Boorman.
    The Steering group in its present form is as they say ” NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE “. I suggest they should all consider their position and resign. Faversham Creek, as it was pointed out yet again, is not a road. Build the houses where the roads are, and build flourishing marine related businesses adjacent to the water. This will attract visitors ( tourism ) and retain the unique flavour of this amazing town. Let’s not ruin it for the sake of 30 pieces of silver.


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