Neighbourhood Plan consultation kicks off

Blog followers may be surprised to know that the final round of consultation on the Faversham Creek Neighbouhood Plan has already begun. It started today (Friday 7 November) and continues until 5pm on Monday 22 December.

There has been no advance publicity – and there won’t be much post-publicity either, by the sound of it. It is understood that a press release is to be issued and letters sent to residents and businesses within the plan area, but not elsewhere. No other publicity is planned.

Online copies of the plan and supporting documents can be seen here

Hard copies are available to view at the Council offices in the Alexander Centre, Preston Street, Faversham, ME13 8NY, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, ME10 3HT, and Faversham Library, Newton Road, Faversham, ME13 8DY.

There is no facility for commenting online through the Limehouse portal which Swale uses for its own Local Plan consultations. If you have comments on the plan and supporting documents, and/or evidence that you wish to submit to the Independent Examiner, you should make them by email to or by writing to:
The Planning Policy Manager
Swale Borough Council
Swale House
East Street
Kent ME10 3HT

If you send comments, you can also ask “to be notified of Swale Borough Council’s decision under Regulation 19 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 2012, whether to accept the Examiners’ recommendations and future progress with the plan.”

Swale Borough Council will send all responses to the Independent Examiner, who will consider them and make recommendations accordingly. The recommendations are usually based on the written representations, but the Examiner may, at his/her discretion, decide to hold a hearing. If you think there should be a hearing, you should say so as part of your written representation.

Contact Natalie Earl on 01795 417023 or


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