Final consultation on Swale Local Plan – closes 30 January

The final draft of Swale Borough Council’s Local Plan is open for consultation until 5pm on 30 January 2015. Details can be found here.

There are references to Faversham throughout the document. Sections of specific relevance are:
– Policy ST4 (pp 51-56) which lists site allocations for different types of development;
– Strategy for Faversham area and Kent Downs (pp 65-70)
– Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan (pp 166-167).

Consultation is limited to whether the plan has been prepared properly and is sound (i.e. that it is positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy). Swale will not make any further changes to the plan in response to this consultation, but the plan will then be submitted to an independent examiner, who will consider comments made. The council says it will summarise the comments and send them to the examiner, who will also have access to the original and full representations.

Responses to previous consultations will not be considered by the examiner, so even if you have commented before you will need to do so again if you want your representations to be considered.


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