Neither opposing nor endorsing: Faversham Society response to the Neighbourhood Plan

This is the Faversham Society’s response to the Neighbourhood Plan consultation, as published in the February edition of the Society’s newsletter.

“The Faversham Society’s board of trustees has considered the above plan and comment as follows that in its opinion the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan (FCNP) fails to meet the basic conditions inasmuch as: It is not in accordance with European law in respect of the

“Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) directive; It is not in accordance with UK and European law and guidance on the process of consultation; English Heritage has not provided any input. [Editorial note: this response from the Faversham Society pre-dated the response from English Heritage, which can be seen here.]

“The board further considered that as there has been continuous use of the creek as a waterway since Roman times that an objective of the Neighbourhood Plan should include: Ensuring that before any development involving work on wharves around the creek there is an archaeological investigation and that no significant remains are destroyed by development.

“Concerning site specific amendments, the society feels that with regard to Ordnance Wharf it should object on the grounds that three storeys would obstruct significant views and be out of keeping with Faversham’s historic townscape and undermine the heritage value of the conservation area.

“The society feels that any development at Standard Quay should ensure the integrity of the conservation area and the maintenance of positive public space.

“The society acknowledges that the consultant has made significant improvements to the plan which now focuses upon the historic importance of the creek. This area is of enormous importance to the heritage of the town and we urge the examiner to look closely at the views we have expressed.

“We are neither opposing nor endorsing the plan at this time we are simply seeking to strengthen the protection of heritage in the plan and of course the society will take a view on the final version of the plan at the appropriate time.”


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