Mornington Crescent

One of our local papers has received a letter from a Mrs Trellis of Faversham.

“I’m sick and tired of smug over-sensitive middle class know-alls banging on about Faversham’s heritage,” she says. “The town should pull itself up by its bootstraps and join the 21st century. Mayor Nigel Kay’s Neighbourhood Plan is far too timid in its vision.”

In her letter, published in the Faversham News, Mrs Trellis says the Creek basin should be filled in and built over with a cinema multiplex, food outlets and a casino, and the rest of the Creek turned into a dual carriageway linked to the Thanet Way. Joined to this new road, Iron Wharf should become a high-rise office, retail and residential complex. She suggests selling off the Magna Carta to start the ball rolling.

It’s always good to see new people joining the debate on the future of Faversham Creek – but who is Mrs Trellis? Haven’t a clue. Sorry.



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