Spot the difference

The agenda for Swale Borough Council’s Local Development Framework Panel meeting on 2 March includes a report on the consultation feedback to an Addendum to the ‘Masterplan’ for Queenborough and Rushenden, on the Isle of Sheppey.

The Addendum proposed some changes to the original Masterplan. These included the removal of a plan for a creekside marina, to be replaced with housing. Local residents who wanted to retain the marina had come up with an alternative plan.

The Addendum went out for consultation in November/December. There were 70 responses. These addressed various topics, but the majority of respondents were concerned about the loss of maritime heritage, objected to the loss of the marina, and supported the alternative plan.

The report recommends that the Addendum should be changed in response to the consultation feedback, with the creekside area being ‘safeguarded for future Creekside leisure, commercial and open space uses. This leaves open the possibility of the Alternative Marina Creek Plan being implemented once the promoters gain funding for their scheme.’

The alternative option of leaving the Addendum unchanged was rejected on the grounds that it would ignore the results of public consultation.

Compare and contrast:
▪ Queensborough and Rushdenden: 70 responses to one consultation, which could not be ignored.
▪ Faversham: hundreds of responses to successive consultations, which have been blatantly ignored.
▪ Queensborough and Rushenden: alternative proposals accepted on the possibility that they will be implemented when the promoters gain funding.
▪ Faversham: Town Council refused to countenance alternative proposals on the grounds that they could not demonstrate that they already had funding.

2 thoughts on “Spot the difference

  1. eric glynn

    The Creek Consortium has been working for years with developers to promote housing on the Creek. Members of this Cabal are involved with the Neighbourhood Plan. Their nose was put out of joint by the advent of the Creek Trust and then grossly inconvenienced by a Neighbourhood Plan, but they plough on regardless. This for anyone who is new to the subject.

  2. Brenda

    Why are certain elected members and officers intent on ignoring the maritime heritage of Swale? Why would they do that? Why aren’t the public responses to the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan being listened to, as they are in Queenborough, and why isn’t it going to the Local Development Framework Panel for an open discussion. Where are the public responses from this latest round of consultation? Why the secrecy?


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