Amendments to Neighbourhood Plan

Tucked away in the Town Clerk’s report for the Faversham Town Council meeting next Tuesday (7 April 2015):

Following discussions with English Heritage, the attached paper indicates minor amendments that can be accepted to the draft Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose of the attached is to reassure the Independent Examiner that English Heritage’s views, although submitted after the general consultation closed, have been considered and, where appropriate, taken into account. The Town Council, Swale Borough Council and the independent planning consultant, Richard Eastham have been in discussion with English Heritage and believe that the Plan, with those amendments, meets the basic conditions as required by independent examination as well as meeting English Heritage’s concerns.

Are Members content for this to be presented as the Town Council’s final amendments to the Plan following the consultation as led by Swale Borough Council?

The ‘attached’ paper referred to, detailing the amendments, is not included with the meeting papers on the FTC web page.


4 thoughts on “Amendments to Neighbourhood Plan

  1. David Walker

    This is why there is so much distrust “no intention to consult with community reps” How is this allowed to happen!

    1. Visions of a Creek Post author

      We understand that requests to see the paper have been made. However, there was evidently no intention to consult with the steering group members who represent community organisations prior to the matter being put before the Town Council.


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