How the “minor modifications” were made

The process by which “minor modifications” to the Neighbourhood Plan were produced has at last been divulged. It is said that there was one meeting with representatives of English Heritage, now rebranded as Historic England (Martin Small, Principal Historic Environment Planning Adviser; Peter Kendall, Principal Inspector of Ancient Monuments; Robert Lloyd-Sweet, Historic Places Adviser), Swale Borough Council (Natalie Earl, James Freeman, Peter Bell), Faversham Town Council (Nigel Kay, Jackie Westlake, and Anne Salmon “as a significant author of the Neighbourhood Plan”), together with the planning consultant Richard Eastham of Feria Planning.

It was agreed that detailed discussion of Historic England’s comments would be dealt with by Richard Eastham, supported by Swale planning and conservation officers. The agreement on the minor amendments was written by Richard Eastham in conjunction with Robert Lloyd-Sweet, and each draft was sent for comment to all who attended the meeting.

The modifications were approved by Faversham Town Council on 7 April, subject to correction of clerical and factual errors.

According to a Freedom of Information request by a member of the public, £5,940 was paid to the planning consultation for the production of the draft Neighbourhood Plan. The addition cost of producing the Schedule of Minor Amendments is not known.


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