Independent Examiner appointed

Swale Borough Council has said that Timothy Jones, a barrister, has been appointed as the Independent Examiner for the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan. He previously examined the Cringleford neighbourhood plan.

No public announcement of this appointment has yet been seen, nor is there any sign of the publication of responses to the consultation feedback, which it was said would be made public when the examiner was appointed.

It had been said previously that Swale Borough Council had drawn up a shortlist of three potential candidates, and that Faversham Town Council would be making the final choice. It is not clear when or by whom or on what basis this choice was made, since it is not recorded in the minutes of any town council meeting.

Readers may be interested to note the comment on consultation made by Mr Jones in his report on the Cringleford plan: “I also bear in mind that parish councillors are democratically accountable, subject to a code of conduct and likely to be in close contact with the community they represent.”




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